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Best Nightclubs to visit in Mumbai

After a long day of hectic work, everyone would like to loosen themselves and let their hair down while madly dancing and enjoying themselves. The best place for this cannot be other than a nightclub and fortunately the city of dreams which ironically never sleeps has one of the best collection of nightclubs in India, if not, the best. So here are some of the best nightclubs which you should visit when in Mumbai especially on new year’s eve.


Tryst is a place is a place of luxury and exclusivity and if you ever decide to get there make sure you have enough cash to back it up as the starting prices are 25000 INR and go all the way up to a lakh for the VIP seats, but if you do go there you will be greeted with one of the most futuristic ambiences ever with thousands of LED’s stiking you and making it seem like a different world of its own. If you go for the VIP seat or as they like to call it the “King Table” you will have a person butler and a bouncer and if that was not enough already you would also have a special food menu for and have your name displayed on the screen for everyone to see it and known who is the “King” here.

China House Lounge

China House Lounge is a place where variety thrives, here you are expected to be worthy of the place, yes you read that right you could be sent from the door itself for not dressing properly or just being a group of stags. However the people inside would have access to expensive but tasteful cocktails and one can not forget the incredible party atmosphere it provides.


Trilogy is club with a lot of space [literally] you would be surprised because that is a rarity in a city like mumbai. You would be greeted with a spread of beautiful red lounges and also if you are single a treat in the form of a lot of wannabe models are waiting for you. Apart from the red lounges it also boasts of a dance floor where you are gonna have a lot of fun dancing without stamping the other person’s foot. Sushi and batter-fried chicken is a must try here.

Blue Frog

If you are someone like me who lives in Mumbai and appreciates good music then we need to thank Blue Frog as it revolutionised the live music performances in Mumbai and gave opportunity to a lot of budding musicians. While enjoying good music you can use the restaurant and bar and get a tour of the recording studios.


There is no Mumbai without Bollywood and Matahaari realises this and it the perfect place for bollywood style partying. The club proudly calls itself as the first luxury club in India, well we cannot confirm about the first part but they have lived upto the title of luxury. The club features a VVIP room and apparently the makers were a big fan of mystery as the VVIP room is separated by a bookshelf which serves the purpose of hiding a secret smoking room. Matahaari is slowing placing itself as a A-lister place for partying despite being located in a unusual place like a mall.


Aer is club located 34 floors above the chaos that is midtown Mumbai and delights the visitor with famous views of Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Haji Ali and the Bandra Worli sealink. Famous for celebrities throwing lavish parties after a hard worked week and dancing to popular mixes of DJ Shaan.

Tote on the Turf

Tote on the Turf is a architecture marvel and how could it not be, after all it was built by Leading Indian architect Kapi Gupta. This place is a urban playground where Mumbaikars come to mingle with each other. There is a Bar where cocktails compliment the wonderful music.


Clubs by Playboy are a work of art because there is just no other way to describe it It is certainly top of the line as one could find many stars that reside in the city rolling here on a Saturday night. They’ve made sure Hugh Hefner’s legacy lives on.


Liv is a place for everyone. From people who just want to pour alcohol [we do not recommend that though] to people who just want to go crazy on the dance floor you can meet them all here. The food is exceptionally good for a night club.


Hype is beacon to celebrities, located in the heart of South Bombay Hype is the creation of Aqeel Ali so all you bollywood fans out there are gonna catch rhythm to you favorite songs quite often.


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