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Best ways to enjoy the nightlife of Bangalore

Bangalore is a city that has been dubbed ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ due to many IT companies starting out in the city and this has been the trend for the past few years. This has given rise to many other enterprises to take root in the city and they have been flourishing to say the least. This has also sparked a growth in the educational sector of the city with many graduate and post graduate colleges in the city. So, if you wind up in the city of Bangalore here are some great ways to spend your nightlife in the bustling city. 


The food culture in Bangalore has kept on evolving for many years and it now encompasses various cuisines both local and foreign. Every single type of cuisine you can imagine, you will find in the city. If you are a foodie, then Bangalore is a great place for you to visit. Foods ranging from street food to thalis, South Indian to Intercontinental, get ready to have a taste of all types of mouth watering delicacies.

Road trips

There are two famous roadways where you can take your wheels out to spin while having a great time. First the ‘NICE’ (Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises) road & second the Bangalore airport road. Yes the airport road! Bangalore’s new airport road is a stretch of road that runs 40 to 50 kms and has many dhabas and restaurants along the way. The NICE road connects the cities of Bangalore and Mysore and is a great patch to bike on.


Bangalore is well known for many of the microbreweries dotting the city. It is popular with the connoisseurs of beer to flock to. Boasting a diverse catalogue of beer, the city can be treated as a haven for the beer drinkers. The ambience of the city as well as the patrons supporting it have had a big hand in the popularizing of these joints.


With the great influx of new young blood into the city, the increase in quality nightclubs is a no brainer. With so many great nightclubs, with many renowned DJs performing, the nightclubs of the city are a great place to visit with your friends and colleagues. The booze and the dancing is a great way to celebrate or relieve your stress after a hard days work.

Sport Bars

Are you an avid sports fan? Do you like to engage in various indoor sports while also enjoying a drink on the side? Then visiting the various sports bars across the city will satiate your interests. The sports bars have gained instant popularity in the city as the youth tend to frequent these joints more.

Night trekking

If you are more of an adventure buff, then there are many places and activities the city has to offer. One of the most popular activities is the night trek. Night treks are organized on a regular basis in the city and it is easy to take part in it. This is a fun activity if you go solo or in a group and you get to meet other like minded people.


Camping is also a great way for you to spend your time in the outdoors after nightfall in the city. There are many camping spots near the city and there are also some among them that host adventure sports. So if you feel adventurous, then these capm sites will suit your needs.

Outdoor movies

Moonlit Cinemas is an outdoor movie theatre which shows pictures outdoors on the grass and under the moonlight. This provides a unique movie going experience. And it is an added bonus is you visit with your spouse, as the two of you can cuddle under a shared blanket.


Despite movies becoming more popular and mainstream, theatres still hold a place in the city of Bangalore. There are many plays, in both regional languages as well as english, that you can catch up with.

Comedy clubs

The comedy scene is in its infancy in India. Bangalore has given birth to many comedians and there are regular comedy shows and open mic nights that take place all over the city. There are dedicated comedy clubs in the city that you can visit to have a great time and laugh your hat off.

Summing everything up, Bangalore is a great city where you can spend your nightlife haunting different joints or go out on a road trip to the nearby places. Whether you are in a solo or in a group, This city can offer something unique to you.

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