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Best ways to enjoy the nightlife of Delhi

Delhi is one of the more ancient cities in India but that does not make it any less appealing to the party going inhabitants of the city. It has always been known for its adaptability, which is why it is still the capital of the country. Over the past years, there has been an immense increase in the population of the city and numerous joints have popped up over Delhi to accommodate the increasing desires of the populace. The nightlife is one of the areas where you can see the charm of the city.

So join us as we go through the streets of Delhi to see the best ways to spend our time once the sun has set.

Booming Nightclubs

If you ask around for the best way to celebrate the nightlife of Delhi, then the most popular answer you will receive is to visit the nightclubs of the city. Nightclubs are the place where many of the young adults come and gather after a long day’s work. The energy on the dancefloor makes you want to dance all night long and the booze only acts as a fuel for this behaviour. This is a great way to party especially with friends and spouses.

Relaxing Lounges

If you are looking only for the booze and like quieter environments, lounges are a good way to enjoy your night. There are many great lounges where you can visit with your friends and colleagues to just chill and relax. You can enjoy a great catalogue of drinks and cocktails and have meaningful conversations at the same time.

Good ol Wine ‘n dine

Nothing beats the old wine and dine. Visiting one of the many restaurants in the city, some even decades old, can be refreshing as you get to taste some of the best North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. The dishes in many restaurants have gone through years of improvements and modifications to refine the flavours of the dishes. You can get to taste various dishes that the kings and emperors of old used to relish.

Succulent Street Food

You may have heard many times that there is a lot of drinking culture in Delhi but there is something that surpasses it – the culture of street food. Street food has been one of the more older traditions that have been passed on. There is no complete trip to the national capital without tasting some of the sheer options of street food that can be found throughout the city. The food is carefully and thoroughly prepared in front of you and just looking at the preparation makes you salivate in anticipation.

Rib-Tickling Comedy Shows

The influence of comedy has started picking up in India and the capital is one of the places where you can catch the performances of some of the best stand up comedians in the country. There are also many venues that have been established that host open mic nights where you can experience experienced as well as novice comedians who will keep you laughing for hours.

Electrifying Live Music

Delhi has been the capital of many kingdoms and empires and thus many traditions from then have made their way into the present society, music being one of them. Delhi is a place where you can experience various forms of music, featuring both Indian and Western music. In many venues, you will be able to experience many music genres, from Sufi to Rock and everything in between. There are venues where many of the heavyweights of their genre come and perform.

Moonlight Walks

It is said that every scenery of a city changes drastically once the sun sets. It is especially true for Delhi. The older parts of the city exudes a medieval vibe. There are many places in the city that you can visit either alone or with company and tour the city. There are many new facets of the city that you can unravel on the walk of the city and make you fall in love with the city again.

Ghost Tours

One of the things that is common to many older cities of the world is the various ‘haunted places’. It is very common and the city of Delhi is no exception. There have been many ghost tours that are organized to showcase the haunted places of the city. It is a very interesting experience and you will enjoy it thoroughly if you are a fan of the horror genre.

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