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Funny / Amusing / Whacky ideas for New Year Resolutions

Well, haven’t we all enjoyed the fullest this festive season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, X-Mas? But it’s time for the last of all, i.e. The New Year! Yay! And, with that festivity of the new year party, it’s also the time for thinking of a New Year’s Resolution. The time we all dread for, right? So, here we present to you all one of the top wackiest/offbeat ideas we could possibly think of. Do let us know if you’ve any such ideas other than the ones mentioned.

  • Go Vegan!

Now, if you ask us why did we start our list with the resolution that no one would do their right minds, then you need to read the title of this blog again. This new years’ resolution is the most eco-friendly resolution on this list and why wouldn’t it be? If protecting farm animals from abuse and neglect is one of the many advantages you can think of, then why not?  And this is not just about the animals here, it’s also about creating a better world to live in.  So, this new year’, let us all pledge to go vegan and spare the animals from cruelty and make this world, a better place than ever.

  • Try your hands on a ‘new’ social media platform.

When we say this, we have a picture of y’all sitting on your couch looping between the most famous social media platforms, i.e, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Now, if you aren’t using any one of the above platforms, you could start using any one of them(Seriously though, why not until now?). And if you are done using these five(you should take a nap), try your hands on something different. There are hundreds of new social media platform you can possibly try, some being a little common to the public, while others still in the dark. You can start using Tumblr(post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog), Pinterest(Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try.), LinkedIn(business and employment-oriented service), Meetup(meet people near you who share your interests.), WeChat(multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment platform), only to name a few drops in an ocean of platforms. If this new resolution seems tacky to you, try the next one.

  • Social Media HIBERNATION

Is checking your Facebook timeline before even getting out of bed, rushing to read a Twitter notification, browsing your Instagram feed to see all the amazing places, food, and company being enjoyed by your friends, viewing SnapChat stories as you’re headed off to sleep and staying updated on WhatsApp texts and statuses, your daily plethora of events, then, my dear friend, you need to take a break and go to an igloo in Antarctica and hibernate like a polar bear. Just kidding(not a bad idea though, if you come to think about it). But what you actually need to do is, deactivate your accounts from all social media platforms you are on, doesn’t matter if you are active on them or not; just deactivate and uninstall all the social media apps from your gadgets. Now, being a whacky idea for new year resolutions, this is going to help you in getting active and increasing the productivity and you might do something you were stalling until now due to procrastinating because of wasting your time on social media,

  • Go on a Blind Date

How many times until now, have you complained to your best friend about your single-ness and the boredom associated with it? Now, we are not saying that being single is a bad thing, but we surely don’t want you to miss out on all the fun (edited; tears and depression) of having a go-to person or maybe a companion for life. So, install a nice dating app on your phones and start looking for a person you might be interested in and ask them out for a nice cup of coffee (because what’s better than coffee to start with, eh?). Now, for all those who have a best friend, ask them to set you up with someone, because what’s nicer than having a common friend for (maybe, fingers crossed) the both of you.

  • WACKINESS ALERT! Go bald on the evening of December 31st and don’t get a haircut for complete next year

Now, this is what could get the writer of this blog in trouble. Stop cracking, you people because this is not a joke. This craziest and eccentric new years’ resolution would surely get your friends laughing at you hard, but let’s face it! We live for ourselves and not for the people around us. Although, if you’re too concerned with the people’s opinion; get a haircut leaving just short hairs/as ever you wish but remember not to get a haircut the entire year ahead, This doesn’t have any benefits as such, like the other ideas on the list, but doing this will give you a new look, that’s for sure.

Apart from these ideas for new years resolutions, there are many more ideas which didn’t make up the list but we kinda think that they are wackily interesting for you people to know and perhaps make them your resolution this new year’s:

  • Make a new friend every month, starting from January, and you’ll end up with twelve new friends (hopefully, if none of you mess up) to celebrate the next new years eve.
  • Visit a dog shelter every month, and make friends with twelve dogs(or maybe a hundred).
  • Express yourself to the person you hate the most, and lessen up the burden on your mind, in the very beginning of the year itself.
  • Try a new eatable every month for a year because life is too short to eat everything.

Go deep down your FB timeline and post a throwback (embarrassing) picture of yourself with a crispy caption.


  1. Punarnava Sheel Punarnava Sheel October 19, 2018

    This article is really cool!! It has given me some great ideas to suggest to my best friend for this new year’s resolution, especially that Go Bald One. Keep up the good work and let the flow of crazy ideas be ongoing.

    • Mark Mark October 19, 2018

      Thank you Punarnava Sheel.

  2. Sid Sid May 4, 2019

    Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the issues.
    It was really informative. Your site is useful.

    Many thanks for sharing!

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