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How different cultures around the world celebrate the start of a New Year

There are so many reasons to celebrate anniversaries, birthday parties, success parties, after parties. But that that one party that old n young enjoy celebrating the most is celebrating the new year party. From organizing new year’s party to searching about the most happening New Year’s Eve party. New year parties bring in excitement for one and all. But you know what more than just the hustle and bustle of new year party there is a strong cultural reference that you would be interested to know about. Given below are how 25 different cultures around the world celebrate the start of a new year. Everyone has gone for a new years party but around the globe, new year parties have a twist you can’t miss. Some new year parties are spooky whereas some New Year’s Eve parties are very romantic. Are you ready:


The people of Japan believe in ringing bells in all the Buddhist temples across the county. The bells are rung a total of 108 times which signifies each human sin. This is done so their previous year’s sins can be washed off.


Strange but fun people in China paint the front door using the color red, they believe this would bring them a lot of happiness and good fortune. Another strange custom is to hide knives which are associated to hinder the arrival of good luck.


Americans have a custom where a mother would bake a special bread that is associated with bringing in a lot of good wishes as well as luck into their lives.


The people in Finland follow a custom of casting which is very popular. They melt it and pour it into cold water filled in a bucket. These are then used for making predictions in the new year.

South America

Showcasing the concept to get rid of old and bring in the new, people in South Africa bring in the new year by throwing away the old appliances of their houses out of the window. Really very strange.


To bring an abundance of peace into their homes and business the people of Turkey ring bells. Along with it they also open their front door and sprinkle salt at their doorstep. Weird isn’t it?


A heart touching gesture of reading new year letters to parents and grandparents which their children have made in school. They are specially decorated with ribbons, angels etc.


If you love eating crepes head to France for your new year celebration. As the new year is bought in by eating lots and lots of crepes. Some also believe in kissing at midnight beneath a milestone.


Fireworks are common on new year eve but in Venice people create fireworks with mass kissing on New Year’s Eve at St Mark’s Square. Want to be there?


A special dessert that is prepared on New Year’s Eve called Kransekage is savored in Norway and Denmark. Tall cakes comprising of many layers made of marzipan which is decorated using flags and wine bottles in the center.


To ensure the year coming by is a happy one Spanish people eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight. No harm in trying this what say?


If you are romantic at heart then the culture to smooch at midnight of New Year’s Eve is for you. You heard it right it is a tradition to kiss at midnight which will ensure a strong and sturdy relationship for the coming year.


People in Switzerland follow a strange tradition of dropping a big dollop of fresh cream on their floor to bring loads of luck and success for the coming new year.

United Kingdom

It is a culture to sing Auld Lang Syne song on the new year eve, people hold each other’s hand and sing this poem written by Robert Burns.


People in Iceland have a spooky and magical way of celebrating their New Year’s Eve. They believe that cows will have a conversation with you, seals being able to take human forms to dead people rising out from their tombs can be witnessed.


From banging bread onto the walls for driving away bad spells to sleeping with a mistletoe under their pillow to attract a life partner such are the traditions followed in Ireland.


It is believed that the first person who crosses the threshold of a house after midnight will bring lots of good luck. Such a positive culture to follow.


In Brazil thousands of white flowers are thrown in the ocean which is offered to the goddess of the sea, hoping that she would make all their wishes come true.


People here jump into the freezing water of the English bay to ring in the new year. It is said that the tradition of Polar bear swim started way back in 1920.


Strange as it may sound people in Argentina believe that if you eat beans you will be able to find a better job and even stranger belief is wearing pink underwear to attract love in the coming new year.


People in Columbia carry a suitcase along with then on New Year’s Eve with the hope of having the new year travel filled. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

New York

People in New York gather around Times Square every New Year’s Eve since 1907 to watch the ball drop starting at 11:59.


That’s an interesting culture where people settle out a fight with their enemy to ensure a clean slate for the coming new year. Don’t know whether it’s good or bad?


People in Mexico decorate their houses using different colors which represent hope in the coming year. Red represents love, yellow represents work and green represents money.

Southern US states

Traditionally a stew is made of black-eyed peas it is said to be a symbol of coins which will bring a lot of prosperity in the coming new year

To all the people who read this article would wonder what strange things to do at a new year’s eve party. So, when you throw a new year party include some of these in your new year’s party itinerary. So that new year parties have that punch to remain memorable for life.

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