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Best new year party in Mumbai for 2020

A new year is just around the corner! The best night of the year is coming. Only a few months left for 2019 to end and an exciting and thrill-filled new year to start. So, from your busy schedule and busy life, you must have taken out time to plan your vacation. If not, then plan it, people!! It’s time to plan your new year party in Mumbai!!

Mumbai is famously known for its nightlife. And a new year party in Mumbai, well you can only imagine how fun it will be. But your imagination can be turned into reality if you exactly know the places where they have the best new year party. Do not worry, because you are in the right place!!

We have shortlisted a few party venues where you can have a blast of a time while celebrating new year’s eve in Mumbai.

Adlabs Imagica

New year party at Adlabs Imagica

Imagica hosts the best new year party in Mumbai.  This party is for all age groups starting from kids to old people. The party itself start early from 31st December to 1st January, till 1 am. So, you can come early in the day and enjoy the amazing rides, and stay late for the breathtaking party night. This is also one of the best places to bring your kids to celebrate the new year.

Experience amazing acrobats performances, parades, dancing, DJs, late-night performances from amazing celebrities of Bollywood. Talented DJs across the world arrives at this party to increase the charm of this awesome night with their mix. Not only that, it hosts lavishing lunch, snacks dinners, drinks and everything that you will search for. 

Bollywood City At The Park Hotel – A new year party in Mumbai

New year party at the Park Hotel

The New Year Party of the Park Hotel is something that you shouldn’t miss out if you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood. With a theme of “Bollywood City”, the Park Hotel organizes this entertaining party in the 3 zones of its hotel: the Poolside, the Terrace and the Banquet. This 2 days party has all that a Bollywood fan would look for.

From Punjabi dhols to disco, from appetizer to dinner, and from mocktails to cocktails, the hotel organizes everything that a perfect party needs! With the best DJs in the house, the party takes an amazing pace at the night of 31st December by seeing off the last day of the year and welcoming the new year wholeheartedly.

You can also check out some new year parties in Pune.

Made In Ibiza – A Great New Year’s Eve Party in Mumbai

Made in Ibiza

Mumbai city never sleeps. And the “Made In Ibiza” by Matahaari Nightclub depicts this very well. Known for its wild nightlife, Ibiza is a Spanish island present in the Mediterranean Sea at the eastern coast of Spain. This night is celebrated as the New Year’s Eve in this place. Matahaari hosts an amazing night on 31st December for all the adults.

With delicious food and enough drinks, Ibiza is considered to be the most thrilling party of the year in Mumbai. Following the great Ibiza style, the club incorporates Dutch dancer which makes the night more enjoyable and thrilling.

Bollywood Beats Night At Eleganza


This is something different that you will love it.  There are few places in the crowded city of Mumbai, which gives you that thrilling and party vibe. Eleganza is one of them. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees, this sea-facing place in Juhu beach gives you jollies. Eleganza conducts the New Year’s Eve with a theme of “Bollywood Beats Night”.

This new year party is an after night party where people dance their hearts out, talk till the dawn while consuming lavish foods and a vast range of drinks. The best part of this night in Eleganza is the ” Punjabi Dhol” along with the rocking set of DJs. It’s top-class hospitality and entertainment will make you feel as if you are attending a party organized by a top Bollywood celebrity.

You can also check some great new year party places in India.

The Stroke Of Midnight

Snob in Bandra Mumbai

Mumbai Snob Bandra is one of the most happening clubs in the city of Mumbai. This club organizes a top-class New Year’s Eve party, which have an immense guest list of celebrities who witness this party along with the crowd. Since the celebrities are involved, this party is limited as a private event for its security reasons.

Other than that, this is the chicest place that hosts such a new year party with delicious mouthwatering food and foreign exotic drinks. It offers a great EDM mix by the best-known artists that rock the dance floor with its vibe.

These are some of the famous and happening new year parties in Mumbai, which will make your night and give you a thrilling experience that you have ever enjoy. If you are ever in Mumbai during New year, then do give a visit to these places for enjoying the best new year parties in the city!!

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