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New Year Traditions Around The World

The start of the new year is celebrated all around the globe. There are many associated traditions to the new year in different parts of the world. some seem logical while others are plain crazy. Here is a list of some of the traditions around the world.

Night in the graveyard – Chile

A relatively new tradition where the residents of a town named Talca in Chile spend the new year’s eve in the local graveyard to see the start of the new year with their deceased relatives.

The empty travel bag – Colombia

If want to increase your chances of travel in the new year, do as the Colombians. Those who want to get many opportunities to travel simply carry around an empty travel bag on new year’s eve.

Red undergarments – Italy, Turkey

Tired of being single and want to find love in the new year? Then just wear some red underwear on new year’s eve and you will increase your chances of finding love in the new year.

Yellow undergarments – Bolivia

Bolivians believe that wearing yellow underwear on the new year’s eve will bring the wearer with good luck. Talk about lucky underwear!

Broken plates – Denmark

What would you think if your neighbours broke their plates on your doorstep? You’d probably be pissed off to no end. But the Danes believe that breaking plates on their neighbours’ doorstep on new year’s eve increases the good luck stat of your neighbours and the more plates broken on your door, the more the luck.

Animal Whispering – Romania

Farmers on new year day talk to their animals. They believe that if they are successful in talking to animals, they can increase their luck in the new year.

Broken appliances – South Africa

The phrase ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is quite common. But in South Africa, they make the usage of the phrase a bit extremely. On the last day of the year, South Africans will throw out old appliances of their window to make room for new ones.

Round things – Philippines

The round shape is considered sacred in the Philippines and its people try to use round things as much as possible on the last day of the year. They eat round things, wear polka dot clothes etc. They believe it increases the prosperity in the new year.

12 Grapes – Spain

The people of Spain eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight, one at each stroke. Easy as it may sound, it is quite a difficult task to accomplish. Whoever is able to eat 12 grapes at each stroke is said to be prosperous in the coming year.

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