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Top Restaurants in Mira-Bhayandar

India is known for its diverse culture. And food plays an essential role in Indian culture. Indians love to eat. Wherever you go within India, you will find all the flavors of India from different parts of India at one place.

Either at Delhi or Gujarat or Kolkata, you will find places serving multi cuisines. Every state has its flavors but also includes other flavors too so that you won’t miss out your favorite cuisine.

Mumbai, the city of dreams where people come from different small and big parts of India with eyes full of dreams to settle down and start a new life of their own.

Today, you will know about the restaurants located at the district Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai which not only serves Marathi food but also serves the food all over the globe. So, let’s know about some of the famous restaurants and food place inside Mira Bhayandar which serves mouth-watering food.

Zaika Restaurant

Zaika Restaurant, Mira Bhayandar
Image Source: DineOut

If you are a vegetarian, then this is the best place to fill up your stomach with delicious food. Zaika Restaurant, located at 150 Feet Road, Mira Bhayandar. It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this place won’t let you down for sure!

The food is the same as the name suggests with a great ambiance and friendly staff. It includes all types of Indian cuisine from North Indian to South Indian touching all parts of India with its zaika. Whether you want to hold a party or want to hang out with your friends and family, this is the best place you could ever think of. Try out the delicious dal makhani with rice.

 TBC – The Boat Club

The Boat Club, Mira Bhayandar

The cozy interior will make you fall head over heels for this place. The great ambiance will make you feel welcomed to The Boat Club. Located at Thakur Mall, Mira Road, The Boat Club may not look exactly like a boat but the sophisticated decor is surely a winner.

People who are looking for a nightlife option, then you are at the right place to have fun with your near and dear ones. Starting from beverages to sandwiches to biryani to cocktails, this place serves you with tasty food and best drinks. If you ever come to TBC, try out the Tandoori Prawns which are famous and highly recommended dish. 

Kokani Katta

Kokani Katta, Mira Bhayandar

If you want to try seafood as well as the standard food of Maharashtra’s south Konkan region and Goa, Konkani Katta is considered to be the best place to serve that. This place is situated in Mira Road is best known for its Malwani magic.

Famous for its Malvani thali and food, Kokani also serves finger-licking seafood. So, if you are a seafood lover, try Surmai Tawa Fry and Prawn Stuffed Pomfret. Its ambiance with the slow Marathi background gives a beachy vibe along with a great service in house.

If you are ever near Mira road, make sure to visit this place for a delicious lunch and dinner. 

Shahi Restaurant

Shahi Restaurant, Mira Bhayandar

Who is not a fan of biryani? Everyone has a weak side for biryani, for sure! Famous for its biryani and chicken tikka, Shahi Restaurant is located at MTNL Road, Mira Bhayandar.

You will find the restaurant busy during lunch and dinner hours for its tasty and quality food. The ambiance and the service of the restaurant are very good. 


Breathe, Mira Bhayandar

After a hectic day, you deserve a relaxing treatment. And to freshen your mood, Breathe is the perfect place to clear your mind. Breathe is located at Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar. This restaurant along with lounge bar serves Indian, Italian, Pizza, and Seafood with different varieties of mocktails and cocktails.

The ambiance is as good as the vibe of this place. With a great menu, this is the best pub in the town with a great DJ which compels you to put your foot on the dance floor. It’s a great place if you have midnight craves as the party continues after hours too.

Kansar Kathiyawadi Thali Restaurant

Kansar Kathiyawadi Thali Restaurant, Mira Bhayandar

India has a huge variety of food. The wide range of multi-cuisines compels you to explore the taste of India. Kathiyawadi is one such which is an idiom of Gujarati food which includes more of legumes and pulses.

Kansar Kathiyawadi Thali Restaurant at Mira Bhayandar serves the exclusive Kathiyawadi Thali which comprised of Salad, Batata, Vada, Dhokla, Gawar Sabji, Baingan Sabji, Curry, Dal, Ghee Roti, Rice, Puran Poli, Chacch and Papad.

The ambiance and the friendly interaction of the staff make it a very good place to have this divine thali full of flavors from Gujarat.

These are some of the highly-rated restaurants and food places in Mira Bhayandar that you should give a visit whenever you are in town.

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