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What not to do on New Year’s Day

How to perfectly welcome a New Year is a question which has been pondered upon for ages. There’s a lot of pressure to have the best time possible irrespective of whether you throw a party with booze and board games, go on a date or stay in with takeout. While it’s possible that every new year’s party is perfectly unique in its own way and probably the one you’ll never forget, it’s easy for the night to get away from you. And there are some activities that are guaranteed to be a bad time. Check out what not to do this New year eve or at new years’ to guarantee that you start off the new year right.

1. Be Alone, Scrolling Through Social Media

Spending the new year eve and also, the new year day; all alone can be called as the most fatuous decision in the history of decisions ever made on this planet(We are not kidding!). Does not matter however you want to start off your new year, but one way that you’ll surely bum yourself out is by being online, scrolling through the “four social media”, and seeing all the ways people are enjoying themselves together. Now If you are home by yourself this New Year instead of going to/having a new years party, order yourself a pizza, binge-watch something new on Netflix, and stay far, far away from your social apps.

2. Drink Yourself Into Oblivion

“You don’t need fun to have alcohol.”

Did you read that right? It’s a humble request from the entire human race; please don’t drink a little too much on New Year’s Eve that you’re blacked out or passed out before it’s even midnight. Nobody wants to ring in the new year by getting puked on or by taking care of a puking friend. So drink responsibly, determine yourself and your capacity, and you will have loads of fun, even if you aren’t roaring drunk.

3. Spend the Night With People You Don’t Like

Now, this thing goes unsaid. Whether or not you like New Year’s Eve, it is a holiday; so why spend it with people you don’t care about? And why just New year day? You shouldn’t spend even a single second in the company of a person you don’t like or you with a person in whose company you don’t wanna be.  Sometimes, not going to any party is better than spending a night with “friends” you don’t get along with. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, even if it means staying in with a small group of family, going to bed early, or going out to meet new people at a bar. It is still better than spending the first day of your whining about the people in the same room as you’re, instead of enjoying your new years party.

Now, these were certain things which we don’t think you should do on the new years day. But other than the above list. there are some other “things” too, or, as they are called “myths & traditions”; which shouldn’t be done, as to “not affect your luck the upcoming year”. Might sound rubbish to some, but these Chinese taboos are widely considered to be followed in many parts of the world. Nowadays, some of these are discarded from the urban population but they are still very common amongst the older generations.

  1. No Porridge. It brings Poverty
  2. No Needle Work. It depletes wealth.
  3. No Hair Washing. It washes away good luck.
  4. No unlucky words. “Death” brings death.
  5. No clothes washing. It washes away good luck.
  6. No sweeping. It sweeps away wealth
  7. Avoid taking medicine. Believed to get ill for a whole year.
  8. A married daughter is not allowed to visit the house of her parents. Bring bad luck to parents

So, this new year make sure you don’t do any of the above-listed things for a prosperous year ahead.

Also, do let us know if you would like us to and any other superstition associated with celebrating the new year happily and safely.

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