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Back to work after New Year Celebrations – The struggle is real

Months of festivities culminating with the new year’s party have come to end.. Whether you are back from a splendid holiday or are fighting a hangover from last night’s new year’s party, even the thought of waking up from bed, getting ready and going back to office will surely bring chills down your spine. This extra stress on your body, combined with the stark contrast of the joy and freedom of family and friend time with the drudgery of answering a zillion work emails, can be hard on your emotional well-being. Here’s the thing, going back to work after a break doesn’t have to be so daunting. All we need is an action plan and a slight shift in perception.

Begin with gratitude

After all the merriment with previous night’s new year’s party, it’s the first day of the year, what better way to start it with some gratitude for all that you have experienced or not experienced. To help yourself put things in perspective, list out the things that you are thankful for – a family that loves you, your good health, the food on your table, your achievements and recognitions at work, the failures that taught you something and so on.

Work on the hangover symptoms (if any)

If after a great New Year’s Party, you wake up feeling all messed up with a pounding headache, nausea and fatigue, following a few of the common remedies can help you deal with it. Rule number one would be to hydrate yourself. Bathing in cold water can do wonders to make you feel fresh. Have a wholesome breakfast and if the headache is still there, pop in a paracetamol and head to your workplace.

Get your intentions for the year clear: It’s very important for you to draft and call out your intentions for the year in terms what your vision is. Think on where you want to be headed or what is it that you wish to change in or about your life, may be in terms of new behaviour or routine.

Develop a strategy or action plan

Listing out and prioritizing tasks on hand can prove to be a useful tool in avoiding procrastination and facing the day/year on your front foot. You may feel the urge to work on three different things at the same time in order to catch up on work. However, this is not the most efficient approach. You’ll only confuse and stress yourself out. Make a point to focus your mind and to only work on one item or task at a time. You’ve just come back from a much needed break why stress yourself out if you can avoid it?

Facing the day on hand

Arrive at your desk in the morning with a positive frame of mind. Avoid the common tendency to be grumpy and to grumble about the end of holidays. Focus on the time ahead, the opportunities lying ahead of you. So, start your day gently, accept the blues and focus your energy on taking up one thing at a time. Like any other day in your life, it is normal to display some strengths and some weaknesses during your first days back at work. A large part of your day will be spent on clearing up the clogged up inbox. Have patience and prioritise.  Towards the end of the day, get your targets for the week ready.

Facing the year on hand

This can be a good time to time to review your work and do some self-assessment. List out your accomplishments over the past year or six months, and set goals for the coming year – even if you never share them with anyone, it can be a fruitful exercise – at work and beyond.

Be active on the social front

Getting back to work after a break or after a fun time may make you feel low. Give yourself something to look forward to and make some social plans. Accept invitations and extend a few of your own. Make the most of your daily opportunities to socialize- chat with your cab driver or make conversation in the elevator. Help someone – practice random act of kindness. Volunteer or join a hobby group. Plan a team lunch or reach out to someone you always wanted to catch up with.

Learn something new

Although many benefits of learning a new skill are obvious, there will always be benefits to you that you haven’t predicted. If you constantly build your knowledge and skills, the amount of wisdom you can draw upon will be absolutely incredible. Carve out time for all the things you always wished to do or to learn – pursue a sport, learn the skill of photography, a new language or baking. Incorporating one enjoyable activity into your week will go a long way towards alleviating any blues.


While you do all this, don’t forget to smile, to laugh and to give back to your surroundings. Explore new ways to create happiness around you. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tougher get going.

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