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Lesser known cities in India with great nightlife

India is a place that is known all over the world for its rich culture and traditions. However, there’s a new side to this country, and that is its colourful and amazing nightlife that is thriving in its various cities.

With the growing corporate culture and every other person being a youngster, pubs, discotheques, lounges, musical concerts and vibrant restaurants have found their way into the nightlife of India’s Gen Y.

So, from college students to corporate slaves (excuse the hyperbole) and middle-aged patrons, party-lovers come in all sizes. While some like to frequent dance clubs, some just want to unwind at a quiet and soulful place, most stay up all night to party hard and some like to enjoy a romantic dinner and a movie.

Everybody wants to let loose, especially on weekends, whether you’re a hardcore boozer or someone’s designated driver, come get a taste of how to enjoy your nightlife?

Here’s our list of lesser-known cities in India where you can head for a great party.

Bengaluru – A Magical Spot for the Social Butterflies

The city not just accommodates a huge young workforce, from far and wide but also entertains them by giving them one of the best nightlife experiences in India. The best way to enjoy Bengaluru’s nightlife to the fullest is by starting out early.

To your the city does not just have one or two places, but plenty of options in terms of amazing nightclubs, pubs, restaurant and bars that can be visited for that perfect nightlife experience you could be looking for. From a casual dinner with family at a restaurant to partying hard at pub, lounges, or club, the city can provide a range of experiences for people of every taste.

While spending an evening at these trendy places, you not only get a chance to adore the beauty the places but also to relish the experience of theatre, concerts, dance shows, and live music. The famous M.G. Road is the main stopover for every party lover in Bangalore.

However, another reason to start out early for your night is that the local authorities have imposed a ban on alcohol from being served after 11 PM.

Jaipur – The Royal City Knows How to Party Like a King

Jaipur has an impression of a historical destination, but to your surprise, Jaipur is also one of the top places in North India to plan an amazing nightlife. As soon as the sun sets, there is a different air that starts flowing in the city and the focus shifts from the historical buildings to cozy pubs, bars, and discos.

Amidst the culture and tradition, a night spent partying in Jaipur will definitely be a cherishing experience for you. The nightlife of the city can’t be compared with that of Goa, Mumbai or Delhi, but it has its own unique charm that will awestruck everyone who has explored this aspect of the city.

Nashik – A Surprise Entry with a Dazzling Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, the city of Nashik in Maharashtra is nowhere less than any of the well-known party destinations in India. With plenty of entertainment options, Nashik becomes completely different once the night arrives.

From modish bars, jazz clubs, cozy lounges, and live entertainment venues, the party animal in you can definitely have a great time in Nashik. Apart from the music and ambiance, these pubs & bars in Nashik treat its tourists with amazing choices and mouthwatering dining experience.

Apart from that, late in the night, you can find a number of food joints that remain open satiating the hunger of numerable people.

Udaipur – A Classy Destination to Make Your Nights Memorable

This City of Lakes in Rajasthan is most definitely one of the most beautiful travel destinations in India. From the mesmerizing palaces and spectacular gardens to its historical sites and serene temples, the city of Udaipur entertains people with the most enticing heritage and nature attractions.

But this is just one side of the city; the other side gets revealed when the sun sets. Nightlife in Udaipur is as rocking as that of some other metropolis in India. You can spend long hours clubbing and pubbing in Udaipur.

Another popular thing to do in Udaipur during night time is shopping. Did you read shopping; you won’t believe how the shopping streets in Udaipur revive in the evening when the sun bids adieu making it the best nightlife experiences in Udaipur.

Shillong – Where the Nights Remain Young, Wild, and Free

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya is not less than any other major city of the country when it comes to enjoying a rocking nightlife. You can find abundant local talent and the people of this city are very much into the act of singing.

You may not have a party night like that of in Delhi, Mumbai or Goa in Shillong, but you can be assured that you will be entertained by the most enthusiastic crowd and obviously you will enjoy some great entertainment bars, clubs, and pubs.

But if you want to enjoy the nightlife experience in Shillong to its fullest then ensure to plan your night outs on Saturdays when all the pubs and cafes have DJs and local bands performing.

Now that you have this list of happening places in the country to enjoy your nightlife, then what are you still waiting for?

Go make your way for a rocking time at any of these party paradises and have a gala time. CHEERS.

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